Our Approach

The Film Program at Hofstra University encompasses both the production and critical study of cinema. Hofstra’s accomplished faculty and state-of-the-art facilities support students to:

1. design, plan, shoot and edit their own 16, 35 mm, or digital cinema projects using today’s latest cameras, software and computers.

2. consider what compels and inspires their creativity

3. articulate their artistic struggles and aspirations

4. steepen this artistic experience in the history and theory of cinema

5. teach professional work practice and allow students opportunities both in the classroom and outside  through internships and other employment opportunities to practice their craft  so they are ready for professional life.

Students acquire creative and critical training in film production alongside theoretical, analytical, historical, and aesthetic study of cinema. Hofstra’s Film Studies and Production curriculum introduces theories of how and why cinema makes its meanings, how cinema has been historically regarded across varying audiences and cultures, how specific stylistic structures carry their own history of use and meaning, and how film directors imagine and construct forms both new and familiar. By learning about canonical and contemporary films and theories, students cultivate their cinematic perceptions within the very realm of their artistry.