Subject: Film Studies

Paula Uruburu, a Professor of English and Film Studies, is a former Chair of the English Department and former Vice Dean of the School for University Studies at Hofstra. She received her Ph.D. from SUNY Stony Brook in 1983 with specializations in American literature, film studies and drama. Her last book, American Eve, has been optioned for film and she is currently working on the screenplay adaptation of that book. She is also finishing a book on the infamous Lizzie Borden case.  Dr. Uruburu has written reviews for the New York Times as well as articles for journals and film websites like Taste of Cinema. She has given papers at professional conferences on the intersection of literature, film, and popular culture, as well as issues related to women’s studies and film history.  She has been an interviewee and/or consultant to A&E, PBS (the American Experience series), the History Channel, the Smithsonian Channel, the Discovery Channel, and the American Heroes Channel.  Her research and teaching interests include film history (genre, auteur, adaptation, screenwriting), gender studies, American popular culture, true crime, the Gothic and Grotesque, and Pre-Code Hollywood. She has taught a number of film genre courses including horror, science fiction, the western, crime and film noir, and teen angst. Other courses are listed below.